Volume 15

Issue 1, Fall 2008


Hiding Behind Nationality: The Temporary Presence Exception and Patent Infringement AvoidanceJ. Jonas Anderson
Making Much Ado About Theory: The Chinese Trademark LawLeah Chan Grinvald
When Mobile Phones Are RFID-Equipped—Finding E.U.-U.S. Solutions to Protect Consumer Privacy and Facilitate Mobile CommerceNancy J. King
The Claim Construction EffectLee Petherbridge
Royalty Rate-Setting for Webcasters: A Royal(ty) MessAmy Duvall
Improving Post-Approval Risk Surveillance for Drugs: Active Post-Market Risk IdentificationMatthew Gordon
Can We Dicker Online or Is Traditional Contract Formation Really Dying? Rethinking Traditional Contract Formation for the World Wide WebTatiana Melnik

Issue 2, Spring 2009


Symposium: The Law & Economics of Drug Development
Does Misery Love Company? Evidence from Pharmaceutical Markets Before and After the Orphan Drug ActFrank R. Lichtenberg & Joel Waldfogel
Platitudes About “Product Stewardship” in Torts: Continuing Drug Research and EducationLars Noah
PDUFA and Initial U.S. Drug LaunchesMary K. Olson
The Chinese Regulatory Licensing Regime for Pharmaceutical Products: A Law and Economics AnalysisQing Zhang
Why FDCA Section 505(u) Should Not Concern Us GreatlyKyle Faget
Appellate Review of Patent Claim Construction: Should the Federal Circuit Be Its Own Lexicographer in Matters Related to the Seventh Amendment?Eileen M. Herlihy
FCC Jurisdiction over ISPs in Protocol-Specific Bandwidth ThrottlingAndrew Gioia
Legislation for Effective Self-Regulation: A New Approach to Protecting Personal Privacy on the InternetRichard M. Marsh, Jr.
When and How to Defer to the FDA: Learning from Michigan’s Regulatory Compliance DefenseJason C. Miller