Volume 16

Issue 1, Fall 2009


Wireless Net Neutrality Regulation and the Problem with Pricing: An Empirical, Cautionary TaleBabette E.L. Boliek
Is Novelty Obsolete? Chronicling the Irrelevance of the Invention Date in U.S. Patent LawDennis D. Crouch
Corporate Cooperation Through Cost-SharingNicola Faith Sharpe
The Failure of Sexting Criminalization: A Plea for the Exercise of Prosecutorial RestraintRobert H. Wood
The Super Brawl: The History and Future of the Sound Recording Performance RightBrian Day
Regulating Robocalls: Are Automated Calls the Sound of, or a Threat to, Democracy?Jason C. Miller
Generic Preemption: Applying Conflict Preemption After Wyeth v. LevineHannah B. Murray

Issue 2, Spring 2010


There Is a Time to Keep Silent and a Time to Speak, the Hard Part Is Knowing Which Is Which: Striking the Balance Between Privacy Protection and the Flow of Health Care InformationDaniel J. Gilman & James C. Cooper
In Search of (Maintaining) the Truth: The Use of Copyright Law by Religious OrganizationsDavid A. Simon
Lorain, Aspen, and the Future of Section 2 EnforcementXiao Jeff Liu
Pioneers Versus Improvers: Enabling Optimal Patent Claim ScopeTimothy Chen Saulsbury
Google AdWords: Trademark Infringer or Trade Liberalizer? Ashley Tan
It Is Time: Why the FDA Should Start Disclosing Drug Trial DataMustafa Ünlü