Volume 20

Issue 1, Fall 2013


Private Copyright ReformKristelia A. GarcĂ­a
Wag the Dog: Using Incidental Intellectual Property Rights to Block Parallel ImportsMary LaFrance
Wireless Localism: Beyond the Shroud of Objectivity in Federal Spectrum AdministrationOlivier Sylvain
Tollbooths and Newsstands on the Information SuperhighwayBrad A. Greenberg
Getting Down to (Tattoo) Business: Copyright Norms and Speech Protections for TattooingAlexa L. Nickow
Interactive Methods and Collaborative Performance: A New Future for Indirect InfringementJosh Rychlinski

Issue 2, Spring 2014


Judicial Capacities and Patent Claim Construction: An Ordinary Reader StandardGreg Reilly
Patent Misuse and Antitrust: Rebirth or False Dawn?Daryl Lim
Predictability and Nonobviousness in Patent Law After KSRChristopher A. Cotropia
Markets and Patent Enforcement: A Comparative Investigation of Non-Practicing Entities in the United States and EuropeStefania Fusco
Jurisdictional Limits of in rem Proceedings Against Domain NamesMichael Xun Liu
Structure from Nothing and Claims for Free: Using a Whole-System View of the Patent System to Improve Notice and Predictability for Software PatentsHolly K. Victorson
Pay-For-Delay Settlements in the Wake of ActavisMichael L. Fialkoff