Volume 22

Issue 1, Fall 2015


 The Cost of Confusion: The Paradox of Trademarked Pharmaceuticals Hannah Brennan
 More than BRIC-a-Brac: Testing Chinese Exceptionalism in Patenting Behavior Using Comparative Empirical Analysis Jay P. Kesan, Alan Marco, and Richard Miller
 Network Neutrality and the First Amendment Andrew Patrick and Eric Scharphorn
 Helping a Lawyer to Understand What it Means to Think Like an Architect Kevin Emerson Collins
 Asking the Nearest Hippie Shubha Ghosh
 Contracts, Persons and Property: A Tribute to Margaret Jane Radin Ruth L. Okediji
 Peggy Radin, Mentor Extraordinaire R. Anthony Reese
 Regulating to Achieve Stability in the Domain of High-Frequency Trading Lindsey C. Crump

Issue 2, Spring 2016


Patent Privateers and Antitrust FearsMatthew Sipe
BRANDED: Trademark Tattoos, Slave Owner Brands, And The Right To Have “Free” SkinShontavia Johnson
Rent-Seeking and Inter Partes Review: An Analysis of Invalidity Assertion Entities in Patent LawW. Michael Schuster
Before Mayo & After Alice: The Changing Concept of Abstract Ideas Magnus Gan
Plausible Pleading in Patent Suits: Predicting the Effects of the Abrogation of Form 18Kyle R. Williams
A New Take on an Old Problem: Employee Misclassification in the Modern Gig-EconomyJennifer Pinsof