Founded in 1994, Michigan Telecommunications and Technology Law Review was one of the first law journals to use interactive media to promote informed discourse about the interrelated legal, social, business, and public policy issues raised by emerging technologies. As one of the original online law journals in the world, MTTLR is a ground-breaking publication.
MTTLR publishes online and printed volumes, available through subscription. MTTLR is available through Lexis-Nexis, Westlaw, and this web site. The Michigan Telecommunications and Technology Law Review’s primary purpose is to examine the tensions created by advances in computing, telecommunications, biotechnology, multimedia, networking, information and other technologies.

Current Editorial Board


Deeva Shah

Managing Editor

Kyle Williams

Executive Articles Editor

Szuwei Co

Executive Production Editor

Samuel Jacobs

Executive Note Editor

Magnus Gan

Article Editors


Jessica Altman

Stephen Handlon

Hilary Soloff


Production Editors


Nick Bessette

Christian Carey

Eric Cole

Sarah Rieger

Joel Varner



Note Editors


Jennifer Pinsof

Eliza Wilton


Technology Editor

Magnus Gan


Jaymon Ballew

Yifu Chen

Vincent Hansalik

Jared Konczal

Contributing Editors

Jordan Lewis

Jacob Rambeau

Alexander Reed

Cory Smith

Arianne Taormina




Joel Varner

Edward Vaunder

Joseph Venier

David Waserstein


Elliott Covert

James Fahringer

Bethany Felder

Eric Fleddermann

Vincent Gianino

Jesse Hogan

Brian Jacobsmeyer

Associate Editors

Caleb Kennedy

Charles King

Raven Lanier

Dillon Lappe

Catherine Merdinger

Jessica Opila

Priya Purohit

Shajee Rizvi


Jason Schau

Nicholas Schmidt

Paul Waldera

Kevin Weehunt

Rachel Wexler

Ian Williams

Ritchie Wilson