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About MTLR

Founded in 1994 as the Michigan Telecommunications and Technology Law Review, the Michigan Technology Law Review was one of the first law journals to use interactive media to promote informed discourse about the interrelated legal, social, business, and public policy issues raised by emerging technologies. As one of the original online law journals in the world, MTLR is a ground-breaking publication.

MTLR publishes online and printed volumes, available through subscription. MTLR is available through Lexis-Nexis, Westlaw, and this website. The Michigan Technology Law Review’s primary purpose is to examine the tensions created by advances in computing, telecommunications, biotechnology, multimedia, networking, information, and other technologies.

Current Editorial Board (Vol. 30 Issue 1)


Achutha N. Raman, of Massachusetts

Managing Editor

Jessica Jiwon Choe, of Illinois

Managing Articles Editors

Ryan H. Jones, of Tennessee

Jake KalphatLosego, of Florida

Managing Production Editor

Alexandra Zablocki, of Virginia

Managing Notes Editor

Peter D. VandeVort, of California

Articles Editors

Max Berman, of New York

Patrick Fallon, of Nebraska

Sean Oh, of South Korea

Kamryn L. Sannicks, of Nebraska

Managing Executive Editors

Tiffany YuTing Chiang, of New Jersey

Jeremy Thomas, of Pennsylvania

Social Media Editor

Jake Grossman, of Puerto Rico

Symposium Editors

Christopher C. Kwok, of New Jersey

Peter Dragovich, of California

Technology & Online Editor

Kelton L. Rippetoe, of Texas

Yifeng Li, of Michigan

Social Events Coordinator

Manan Shah, of Illinois

Joseph S Jazwinski, of Illinois

Executive Editors

 Caroline Waldo, of Connecticut


Madison Zeeman, of Utah

Belen E. Best, of Virginia

Alexanda Card, of Michigan

Associate Editors

Aaron M. Eisen, of New Jersey

Sarah E. Hintzen, of Michigan

Alex R. Woodin, of Pennsylvania