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About MTLR

Founded in 1994 as the Michigan Telecommunications and Technology Law Review, the Michigan Technology Law Review was one of the first law journals to use interactive media to promote informed discourse about the interrelated legal, social, business, and public policy issues raised by emerging technologies. As one of the original online law journals in the world, MTLR is a ground-breaking publication.

MTLR publishes online and printed volumes, available through subscription. MTLR is available through Lexis-Nexis, Westlaw, and this web site. The Michigan Technology Law Review’s primary purpose is to examine the tensions created by advances in computing, telecommunications, biotechnology, multimedia, networking, information, and other technologies.

Current Editorial Board


Kimberly M. Parry

Managing Editor

Aliya R. Crochetiere

Managing Articles Editor

James Y. Wang

Managing Executive Editor

Briana M. Sooy
Joshua W. Zhao

Managing Notes Editor

Alexandra E. Theodosakis

Article Editors

Nathaniel Cook

Sabrina K. Glavota

Savannah L. Grice

Emma C. Himes

Marvin Shih


Online Content and Technology Editor

Saika Suzuki

Executive Editor

Hafsa W. Tout


Note Editors

Landen T. Haney
Narmada Murugan


Ashley G. Bishel

Emma C. Bunin

Yifan Cao

Nicholas Caspers

Contributing Editors

Katharine Flexter

Sophie La Cava

Andrew Lee

Alexander R. Miller


Rimsha R. Syeda

Rachel Tuteur

Derrick A. Vallejos

Allison S. Zweng


Umar T. Chaudhary

Michael F. Cronin

Shelby R. Engelbrecht

Emily C. Gaudiani

Moshe Gottesfeld

Robert C. Harrington

Josiah E. Himmelman

Associate Editors

Robert J. Kim

Jacob C. Ladd

Jacqueline Y. Lin

Emily Liu

Seth Raker

Cheyenne S. Rivera

Altamush Saeed

Sabrina N. Schulman


Joshua K. Song

Sandra H. Sulzer

Irene F. Sun

Abigail Ulcej

Kennon Wales

Daniel G. Weiss