' Symposia | MTLR
The Michigan Technology Law Review (MTLR) is excited to host its 30th Anniversary Symposium this weekend! The event, “Law and Justice in the Age of Artificial Intelligence,” will be held Saturday, November 18th, 2023 from 9 am to 5 pm, in 1025 Jeffries Hall.

The symposium will feature Keynote speaker Chinmayi Arun, the Executive Director of the Yale Information Society Project and a Research Scholar at Yale Law School, as well as panels on legal ethics, financial regulation, automated vehicles, and intellectual property with Michigan professors Sherman Clark, Ben Green, Salomé Viljoen, and Nicholson Price moderating. The event will also feature interdisciplinary perspectives spanning industry, civil rights activism, government, and academia. Please refer to our official symposium website for more information!

Past Symposia

Data Privacy and Portability in Financial Technology February 23, 2019
Privacy, Technology and the Law February 21, 2015
Green Technology and Economic Revitalization in Michigan March 25, 2011
The Law and Economics of Drug Development November 7, 2008
21st Century Copyright Law in the Digital Domain March 24, 2006
Life Sciences, Technology, and the Law March 7, 2003
Law, Policy, and The Convergence of Telecommunications and Computing Technologies March 7-9, 2001
Challenging Traditional Legal Paradigms: Is Technology Outpacing the Law? March 12-13, 1999
Redefining Access to Information: Power, Politics, Law, and the New Technology April 5, 1997
Advising Businesses in an Online Digital World: The Risks and Rewards of Electronic Commerce March 27, 1996
Policing the Internet: Jake Baker and Beyond March 9, 1995
Competition and the Information Superhighway September 30, 1994