' Volume 27 | MTTLR

Volume 27

Issue 1, Fall 2020


Association for Molecular Pathology v. Myriad Genetics: A Critical Reassessment Jorge L. Contreras
From Automation to Autonomy: Legal and Ethical Responsibility Gaps in Artificial Intelligence Innovation David Nersessian & Ruben Mancha
Will the “Legal Singularity” Hollow Out Law’s Normative Core? Robert F. Weber
The Contribution of EU Law to the Regulation of Online Speech Luc von Danwitz

Issue 2, Spring 2021


How Can I Tell if My Algorithm Was Reasonable? Karni A. Chargal-Feferkorn
Taking it With You: Platform Barriers to Entry and the Limits of Data Portability? Gabriel Nicholas
Pushing Back on Stricter Copyright ISP Liability Rules Pamela Samuelson
Mitochondrial Replacement Therapy: Let the Science Decide Sabrina K. Glavota
Special Essays
The Right to an Artificial Reality? Freedom of Thought and the Fiction of Philip K. Dick  Marc Jonathan Blitz
Enabling Science Fiction Camilla A. Hrdy and Daniel H. Brean