' Volume 13 | MTTLR

Volume 13

Issue 1, Fall 2006


The Half-Fairness of Google’s Plan to Make the World’s Collection of Books Searchable Steven Hetcher
File Sharing, Copyright, and the Optimal Production of Music Gerald R. Faulhaber
Trends in Protection for Informational Works Under Copyright Law During the 19th and 20th Centuries Miriam Bitton
Symposium: 21st Century Copyright Law in the Digital Domain
Three Reactions to MGM v. Grokster Pamela Samuelson
The Temporal Dynamics of “Capable of Substantial Noninfringing Uses” R. Anthony Reese
The Intent Element of “Inducement to Infringe” Under Patent Law: Reflections on Grokster Lynda J. Oswald
21st Century Copyright Law in the Digital Domain Symposium Transcript March 24, 2006
Why Pharmaceutical Firms Support Patent Trolls: The Disparate Impact of eBay v. MercExchange on Innovation Jeremiah S. Helm

Issue 2, Winter 2007


The Role of FDA in Innovation Policy Rebecca S. Eisenberg
Conference: Patents and Diversity in Innovation Policy
Patents and Diversity in Innovation Brian Kahin
The Myth of Inherent and Inevitable “Industry Differences”: “Diversity” as Artifactin the Quest for Patent Reforms Robert A. Armitage
Diversifying Without Discriminating: Complying with the Mandates of the TRIPS Agreement Graeme B. Dinwoodie & Rochelle C. Dreyfuss
Economics and the Design of Patent Systems Robert M. Hunt
Knowledge, Competition and Innovation: Is Strong IPR Protection Really Needed for More and Better Innovations? Giovanni Dosi, Luigi Marengo & Corrado Pasquali
Compulsory Patent Licensing: Is It a Viable Solution in the United States? Carol M. Nielsen & Michael R. Samardzija
Patent Injunctions and the Problem of Uniformity Cost Michael W. Carroll
A Method for Reforming the Patent System Peter S. Menell
Biometrics: Weighing Convenience and National Security Against Your Privacy Lauren D. Adkins
What is Hiding in the Bushes? eBay’s Effect on Holdout Behavior inPatent Thickets Gavin D. George
The R.F.I.D. Act of 2006 and E-Pedigrees: Tackling the Problem of Counterfeit Drugs in the United States Wholesale Industry Suchira Ghosh
Fair Use and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act Thomas J. Loos
Microsoft Tying Consumers’ Hands? The Windows Vista Problem and the South Korean Solution Daniel J. Silverthorn