' Volume 14 | MTTLR

Volume 14

Issue 1, Fall 2007


Pharmaceutical Lemons: Innovation and Regulation in the Drug Industry Ariel Katz
Restoring the Genetic Commons: A “Common Sense” Approach to Biotechnology Patents in the Wake of KSR v. Teleflex Anna Bartow Laakmann
Software Development as an Antitrust Remedy: Lessons from the Enforcement of the Microsoft Communications Protocol Licensing Requirement William H. Page & Seldon J. Childers
“Justice, and Only Justice, You Shall Pursue”: Network Neutrality, the First Amendment and John Rawls’s Theory of Justice Amit M. Schejter & Moran Yemini
The Patent End Game: Evaluating Generic Entry into a Blockbuster Pharmaceutical Market in the Absence of FDA Incentives Jeremiah Helm
Copyright and YouTube: Pirate’s Playground or Fair Use Forum? Kurt Hunt
The FCC Complaint Process and “Increasing Public Unease”: Toward an Apolitical Broadcast Indecency Regime Kurt Hunt
FDA Approval of Generic Biologics: Finding a Regulatory Pathway Kathleen R. Kelleher

Issue 2, Spring 2008


The General Public License Version 3.0: Making or Breaking the Foss Movement? Clark D. Asay
E-Contract Doctrine 2.0: Standard Form Contracting in the Age of Online User Participation Shmuel I. Becher & Tal Z. Zarsky
Research Tool Patents After Integra v. Merck—Have They Reached a Safe Harbor? Wolrad Prinz zu Waldeck und Pyrmont
Synopsis of the Extraterritorial Protection Afforded by Section 337 as Compared to the Patent Act Neil F. DuChez
A New Frontier or Merely a New Medium? An Analysis of the Ethics of Blawgs Justin Krypel