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The 'License as Tax' Fallacy

By  Jonathan M. Barnett
Article, Spring 2022

Unreasonable: A Strict Liability Solution to the FTC's Data Security Problem

By  James C. Cooper & Bruce H. Kobayashi
Article, Spring 2022

The Ping-Pong Olympics of Antisuit Injunction in FRAND Litigation

By King Fung Tsang & Jyh-An Lee
Article, Spring 2022

Content Moderation Remedies

By  Eric Goldman
Article, Fall 2021

An Empirical Study: Willful Infringement & Enhanced Damages in Patent Law After Halo

By  Karen E. Sandrik
Article, Fall 2021

Recent Notes

The Best Data Plan Is to Have a Game Plan: Obstacles and Solutions to Reaching International Data Privacy Agreements

By  James Wang
Note, Spring 2022

Mental Health Mobile Apps and the Need to Update Federal Regulations to Protect Users

By  Kewa Jiang
Note, Spring 2022

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Online Harassment and Doxing on Social Media

Online harassment has been around as long as the internet. However, in recent years, online harassment has been on the rise in part because of the popularity and access to social media websites. A particularly dangerous form of online harassment is doxing. Doxing is...

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Privacy Risks with using XR in Education

Online learning has become widespread and normalized during the pandemic. In a survey conducted from September to October 2020 of about 3,500 full-time college students, 72% of students were concerned about remaining engagedwhile learning remotely. Extended Reality...

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